HELP please!!

Subject: HELP please!!
From: Dave A. Meyer (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 14:58:29 MDT

I been trying for several days to install YDL Champion 1.2 and cannot get it
done. I am not trying to install from a burned CD either, these were
ordered directly for TerraSoft.

My machine is a G4 500 with two IDE HD's, (one a 10G and one a 20G). Here
are the problems I am encountering.

When trying to use yaboot directly from the CD I get a messages saying
"cannot open device (cd:0) image not found" Of course I get to "boot:"
prompt, but hitting enter does nothing but give me the above message over
and over again. Tab presents me with path options, but I have no idea what
that would be. Excuse my ignorance, but I am a total newbie to the Linux

If I use BootX, I get completely different problems.

It starts to go all the way through the process of the Installation dialog
and when it gets to USB devices it gives me an error saying USB device not
responding and then keeps going until I get all sorts of errors when it gets
to hda, hdb, hdc, and so on with an interrupt error. Eventually it will
get all the way through the interrupt errors and get to the first screen
that says about YDL and to press enter to continue the installation. Well
since my USB keyboard does not appear to be working, I cannot hit enter.
Needless to say this is very frustrating. I have tried switching USB ports
back and forth, but no change.

I would appreciate any help that anyone could provide as I was assured by
Kai Staats that this would work on my system when I talked to him before I
even ordered it over a month ago.

Thank you in advance.


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