Re: How do I boot a Mac from the CD?

Subject: Re: How do I boot a Mac from the CD?
From: Keith Stattenfield (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 21:41:53 MDT

At 11:23 PM -0400 4/24/01, andu wrote:
>Mike Melanson wrote:
> > Hi,
>> I purchased a used PowerComputing PowerTower/166 and I want to get
>> some variant of Linux running on it. I am definitely not new to Linux; I
> > have successfully installed and maintained it on a variety of i386
> > systems.

Some of the CD drives used in Macintosh clones were not capable of
being booted from by the general bootable CD. There should be a CD
which came with the machine which can boot this system, which you can
use to partition the drive.

If you have enough memory, you can setup a big RAM Disk ( 30M is
generally enough ), copy the System, Finder, and partitioning utility
into the RAM disk, then use the Startup Disk to boot from this RAM

If neither of these work, then you might have to scrounge up an
external SCSI drive to boot from while you re-partition the internal


Keith Stattenfield

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