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Subject: Re: How do I boot a
From: Andu (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 08:07:56 MDT

>On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, andu wrote:
>> Sounds like you never used a mac before...
> I admit it's been 3+ years since I've touched one...
>> If I understand correctly, you have system 8 running already.
>> Start up the machine, have the MacOS cd in, go in Control panels, choose
>> Startup disk and select the cd.
>> Restart the machine and it'll boot off the cd.
> Okay, that worked. Now I have to figure out exactly how to
>repartition the drives. Am I supposed to re-partition and reformat the
>drive entirely, and re-install MacOS and BootX on a tiny partition and
>then let YDL handle the rest?

Yes. The mac utility only deals with the whole disk. Just make a minimal hfs partition for
MacOS and partition the rest from linux install. Make sure you restart the computer after
repartitioning in Linux, before you install stuff, otherwise it doesn't read the partition table

>> That being said, don't expect miracles from Linux on ppc.
> I'm still looking for a support group to help me cope with the
>social stigma of owning an Apple computer...:)

In your case the excuse is that the machine is not Apple;-).

>Seriously, I do want to
>make this work and I have some programs I want to port to the platform.

Nice of you.
The problem I found with Linux on ppc is not Linux or the maintainers, obviously, but
Apple with their continuos changes to the hardware. Too much effort goes into hardware

> -Mike Melanson

Regards, Andu

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