Re: rpms and tarballs

Subject: Re: rpms and tarballs
From: Patrick Callahan (
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 04:30:00 MST

A message from the admin of the Basic Linux Training mailing list says the
apt package management sofware is adding the capability to process rpms.

see the message below or for more information
about the apt package management system's processing for rpms.

see for more information about Basic Linux

Complete message from the "Basic Linux Training" mailing list:

>Date: 3 Dec 2000 22:27:14 -0800
>Subject: RPM port of apt

>"After full integration of the RPM patches into APT, it will have
>the potential to become the standard package management frontend
>for Linux, shortening the gap between distributions and reducing
>incompatibility across distributions for at least one important
>system administration tool. Unlike tools from some other vendors,
>APT does not have anything tying it to a particular distribution,
>not even the word Conectiva in its name, which hopefully removes
>some of the common barriers for its wide acceptance."


>Quite possibly the milestone of the year ;-)

>Henry White

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