Re: Starting Mac-On-Linux

Subject: Re: Starting Mac-On-Linux
From: antadam (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 13:18:43 MST

That's x (obviously) and load up a terminal window in your
home directory. Then run startmol and if it goes to sleep so you can't see
what the error output is in the terminal, run startmol >& error.log. Then
when it sleeps and you can't get back into linux, reboot, and open up the
error.log file in your home directory and lemme know what the error is.

On Friday 29 December 2000 23:46, you wrote:
> Adam.
> I copied the ROM file over to the Linux partition, and everything seems to
> go fine. But when I type "startmol" as Root I see the Mac-On-Linux window
> open but then my iMac goes to sleep mode. Pressing keyboard keys and the
> mouse buttons won't work. Got any ideas ?
> Thanks,
> Som Datye
> antadam wrote:
> > You have to strip the new world rom from your mac os system folder. Go
> > check out for setup and config options.

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