Some progress (was "converting" LPPC to YDL?)

Subject: Some progress (was "converting" LPPC to YDL?)
From: Marc Stergionis (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 14:56:30 MST

At 2/6/01 8:43 AM, Marc Stergionis from the digital address typed these wise words:

>At 2/5/01 10:11 PM, Hollis R Blanchard from the digital address
> typed these wise words:
>>On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Marc Stergionis wrote:
>>> After some fits and starts, I was able to get LinuxPPC2000 on a Power
>>> Computing 8100 clone. This setup uses the 2.4 kernel ported by the
>>> nubus-pmac team. (Never could get CS1.2.1 to install on this machine
>>> using the sourceforge install kernel.)
>>Why exactly?
>At first, installing with the nubus-YDL Kernel at the
>site, install would choke at "gnumeric" (this was installing most
>everything, except engineering and foreign-language stuff). Remove
>"gnumeric" from install, chokes on "usermode", remove that, chokes on
>"usernet" remove that, chokes on "utempter" which I could never find to
OK.... in the past, when doing a new install from YDL CD with nubus-YDL
install kernel, it usually choked on certain files, then seemed to have
big fs problems *if* I could coax an install all the way.

>Office-- Power 120 (8100 clone) 80MB ram, 1.8G /root, 128MB swap, install
>attempt via downloaded/burned CD.
>Home-- Power 100 (8100 clone) 200MB ram, 150 /root, 50 swap, 520 /usr,
>300 /opt 3.8G /home (default Drive Setup partitions for LinuxPPC setup)
>plus 128MB swap on a different drive, Purchased YDL CD.

>>> I have purchased the CS1.2.1 CD set and would like to run YDL on all my
>>> machines. Is there a way to "convert/upgrade/improve" this LinuxPPC
>>> install to YDL? When I try to use the installer to "upgrade" it tells me
>>> "no rpm database exists" and rpm -rebuilddb didn't seem to change that.
>>> Can I just install yup to accomplish this? (The X installer warns of a
>>> dependency for lib.gmp that doesn't appear to be on the CS1.2.1 CD)
>>I don't think yup can handle a job like that... LPPC installs many broken
>>dependancies, and there have been enough package reorganizations etc to cause
>>I don't know of any clean way to do it aside from mass-installing a bunch of
>>rpms. Your best bet is the installer.
Did a big install of MkLinux DR3 at work, then tried to upgrade with YDL,
ie. using nubus-YDL install kernel, CD and selecting "upgrade" instead of

The process behaved nicely, but in both instances, one choosing almost
all packages in YDL's upgrade and one choosing "no" to whether I would
like to select upgrade packages, the installer/upgrader would go to the
check for "overlapping files," get about halfway and then get
"segmentation fault, install exited abnormally"

At home, did a minimal install of MkLInux Pre-R1, then popped in the
nubus-YDL install kernel, the YDL CD and went through upgrade, choosing
"no" at the package selection window.
This upgrade completed (but did not self-reboot).

After manual reboot, it did device check, and at "activating swap" said
"invalid argument (failed)" although later enabling swap space was (OK).

Is this a problem?

Also got "can't open /lib/modules/2.4.0/modules.dep for writing"

and failed starting eth0
which I sort of expected.

But at the start of device checks, it boots as YellowDog, then after boot
shows as Welcome to YellowDog Linux.

However, after I log in in, I get "Welcome to MkLinux" 2.02 (or is it
2.20), even though it's a 2.4 kernel.


At this point, X doesn't seem available, so further upgrade will be in
order, if all continues to behave!

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