Re: Open firmware problems

Subject: Re: Open firmware problems
From: kXe (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 16:05:05 MST

In reply to my own problem, I've been able to get the bootscript running by
placing it in the root of my mac hd and setting the

Setenv boot-device hd:,bootscript

So I don't have to type \

Now problem is all I get is

Welcome to yaboot 0.8
And then nothing, and I have to hit the reset button(reset-hole actually on
my imac)

When I use the yellowdogcd to start yaboot works fine, so why does it crash
when run from the hd?

Anyone knows?



on 25-02-2001 01:18, kXe at wrote:

> Hi
> I have an iMac rev A and I just installed ydl 1.2.1
> All went smooth
> I rebooted into macos and try to configure yaboot
> Now I have to boot up in open firmware (no problem) and type
> Sentenv boot-device hd:,\\bootscript
> Now the problem:
> I have a french (azerty) keyboard and Open firmware assumes a qwerty
> keyboard. Now the problem I cannot type a '\' . My keyboard behaves as a
> qwerty except the '\' is just gives me a space.
> On my (azerty)keyboard it is alt-shift-: but that doesn't work either(none
> of the extended characters can be used)
> Anyone has the same problem? Anyone knows a solution?
> Thanks
> Maurice Goffart

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