Re: Installing OpenSSH: help

Subject: Re: Installing OpenSSH: help
From: Brett Humphreys (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 08:21:33 MDT

        i havn't tried openssh, primarily b/c i downloaded this and it
worked just fine.

here is what i did:
tar xvfz ssh-1.2.30.tar.gz
cd ssh-1.2.30
make install

it worked just fine for my box. Without any hastle and i've done it twice
now. Now this only comes with an ssh1 client. Which i'd guess that is
what your isp uses. I couldn't get ssh2 to compile. This also only
comes with the client.. so no ssh daemon


> I'm trying to get an SSH client installed on my system (YDL CS 1.2) so that
> I can log into my ISP (that requires an SSH session for shell access). I've
> downloaded about a dozen different RPMs trying to find the right combination
> to install to get this running. Trying to install OpenSSH Client rpm tells
> me I need the main OpenSSH package, which is reliant on OpenSSL 0.95a or
> greater plus another library.
> ...can anyone point me to a list of RPMs I need to download and install to
> get this working?
> ie
> ...etc
> Thanks.
> -> Brock

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