Re: yellow dog iso images on ftp sites

Subject: Re: yellow dog iso images on ftp sites
From: JHS (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 13:01:47 MDT

on 7/30/99 10:54 PM, ant (Lunch Lady Industries) at

> i d/led the iso's for both the treats cd and the server software 1.2
> and i'm wondering what do i burn them in??? i got them off of
>'s site and they're sitting here as 1 gig of image files. i
> dropped them on toast and it picks mac/iso hybrid which makes sense,
> but like i tried to burn it as a couple different things, and now i'm
> just wasting cds. also, i try to mount the image which technically i
> shoudl be able to, but it doesn't seem to wanna let me do that. what
> program do you guys use to burn it and what format? i'm using toast
> 4.1 and wanna get this stuff installed b/c i run redhat on a pc and
> would like it on my yosemite g3
> ant
> Lunch Lady Industries - Taking The Cafeteria By Storm

Open Toast. Choose "Disk Image" format.
Click "data"
Choose the disk image.
Burn the disk.

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