Can't install XF86 v.4.01 over v.4.0 ???

Subject: Can't install XF86 v.4.01 over v.4.0 ???
From: David (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 21:59:02 MDT

    I'm trying to install XF86 v.4.01, but when I try to install the
"setup" rpm, even with the --nodeps option,
I get the following message: file /etc/profile from setup.(etc).rpm
conflicts with file from basecfgs-2.1.4-0
and a similar message about file /etc/inputrc conflicting also.
OK, how do I proceed ? Is there a way to get rid of the old file, or
override this ?
I tried to use grep to find any files named "profile" (no actual quotes
of course), but then my machine just _hangs_ ...

I _did_ have XF86 version 4.0 running nicely with my YellowDog CS 1.2
installation, including a successful kernel update
to get my mouse back.
    After inadvertently messing up the kernel, I lost X ... long &
foolish story

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