Re: How do I add my Epson printer?????

Subject: Re: How do I add my Epson printer?????
From: r may (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 11:01:23 MDT

Alrighty, This is how I setup my Epson photo stylus 700 with a USB/Parallel adapter. This should work for most people, especially those with epson printers.

First you need the software. I use CUPS from Download the new source code its 1.1.8 . There's an rpm somewhere for the 1.1.6 version but try the newest first, if it doesn't compile then look for cups at
I also recomend getting the gimp-print drivers from I'm using the latest release 4.1.10 I didn't pay atention to see if it was stable or not. It works just fine for me.

Alot of the setting up is really simple now with the new version of cups.

unzip and compile the CUPS drivers. I just did your basic:
make install

everything went just fine for me.

start the drivers:
/etc/init.d/cups start

Open your web browser and load up:

I had to activate network services to be able to load this page.

click on:
manage printers
add printer (it will ask for your root password)

fill in the form
Name: any name for your printer, no spaces
location;I use: local
Description: Any thing you want to say about your printer.

click on continue

select the device. For USB printers (or USB/parallel adapters) its the very last one

click on continue

select your printer brand
click on continue
select your printer driver ( right now there should only be generic drivers)

you should get a message saying your printer was added succesfully

then click on printers at the top of the page
and then click on print test page. It should whirl out a page with a color wheel and some other good stuff. For me the colors didn't match what they should have. To solve this I installed the gimp-print drivers which were a slighty pain to install. There were some gtk problems. I solved this by coping the /usr/include/gtk-1.2/gtk folder to the folder I unziped the source code into.
to compile it I did:

./configure --with-cups
make install

then you want to restart the cups drivers:
/etc/init.d/cups restart

go back to your web browser, reload the printers page. then click on modify printer.
this will go to a few steps form the end.
select the device (it should already be set)
select the printer brand
then there should be a bunch of new drivers with specific models in their names. select your printer and do a test page. the color wheel should be correct now.
other setting like printer resolution and stuff like that can be set by clicking on configure printer.

if there aren't any new drivers listed then look in /usr/local/share/cups/model and move all those files to /usr/share/cups/model

good luck


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