Re: How do I add my Epson printer?????

Subject: Re: How do I add my Epson printer?????
From: Eric Woods (
Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 15:01:12 MDT

I was able to compile and install CUPS just fine and go into the web
interface, but when I tried to add a device, I couldn't find anything for a
USB option. Did I misconfigure the CUPS compile? I've got an Epson Stylus
Color 740 hooked up to my Mac G4 via USB. I can see it with USBview.

Thanks for any insights!

         - Eric

At 01:01 PM 7/5/2001, r may wrote:
>Alrighty, This is how I setup my Epson photo stylus 700 with a
>USB/Parallel adapter. This should work for most people, especially those
>with epson printers.
>First you need the software. I use CUPS from Download the new
>source code its 1.1.8 . There's an rpm somewhere for the 1.1.6 version
>but try the newest first, if it doesn't compile then look for cups at
>I also recomend getting the gimp-print drivers from
> I'm using the latest release
>4.1.10 I didn't pay atention to see if it was stable or not. It works
>just fine for me.
>Alot of the setting up is really simple now with the new version of cups.
>unzip and compile the CUPS drivers. I just did your basic:
>make install
>everything went just fine for me.
>start the drivers:
>/etc/init.d/cups start
>Open your web browser and load up:
>I had to activate network services to be able to load this page.
>click on:
>manage printers
>add printer (it will ask for your root password)
>fill in the form
>Name: any name for your printer, no spaces
>location;I use: local
>Description: Any thing you want to say about your printer.
>click on continue
>select the device. For USB printers (or USB/parallel adapters) its the
>very last one
>click on continue
>select your printer brand
>click on continue
>select your printer driver ( right now there should only be generic drivers)
>you should get a message saying your printer was added succesfully

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