Re: Language Paradigms (was RTFM Resources Wanted)

Subject: Re: Language Paradigms (was RTFM Resources Wanted)
From: Mari Masuda (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 17:55:10 MDT

Someone other than Robert Vogt IV said:

> > I think functional programming has certainly found its niche, but I'm
> > personally not particularly surprised that it does not have widespread
> > acceptance in the non-academic community the way C/C++/Java do.

You might find it interesting to read this article by Erann Gat at JPL
<>. It is a
comparison pitting Java, LISP, and C/C++ against one another.

Robert Vogt IV's electrons of Thursday 05 July 2001 09:59 translate to:
> Speaking of which, I'm looking for a good Common LISP implementation for
> YDL... do you or anyone else know of any? is a good starting point with a whole section on different LISP
implementations. Also, if you already have MCL you could try running it
under MOL. I think someone on the MCL mailing list said it works under MOL.


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