Switching from Intel to G4 - Questions.

Subject: Switching from Intel to G4 - Questions.
From: Claas Langbehn (claas@bigfoot.com)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 16:29:50 MDT


I am going to buy a new computer and I am thinking of an G4-400. But there
are still some questions. Now I am using Mandrake 7 on an Intel Computer.
I have got an PCI-TV-Tuner card that is supported by the video4linux
driver. Does anybody know if it will run in an G4, too? Or is it not that

And I still have got an HP LaserJet 5L (parallel). What would be the best
solution to keep that printer ? An USB to Parallel adapter cable or an
ethernet print-server? Or are there other possibilities?

I did not find any photos of the G4 keyboard and mouse. Is the G4 using
the same as the I-Mac ?

How much Bogo-Mips does an G4-400/450/500 have ?

Where do I find up to date comparison charts between the Intel, AMD and G4
cpu's ?

Yours sincerely,

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