Re: Upgrading to KDE 2.1

Subject: Re: Upgrading to KDE 2.1
From: Sean Riley (
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 17:45:50 MST

I wouldn't hold myself out as too knowledgeable, but I did the upgrade from
the stock KDE from YD 1.2.1 (not sure what version) last night.

There are RPM's available to put it in /opt/kde2 tree via, in
their rpmfinder search. It was in one of the contributors directories. You
will need to also get QT 2.2.4 and open ssl (for Konqueror secure browsing),
I seemed to have to get a more recent version of bzip2 as well.

Read the FAQ, install in order, make ENV changes and you should be fine.

I did have a problem with the kdemultimedia package, It complained about being a dependency (even though it was there <shrug>, I forced
the issue with --nodeps and it loaded, but I have been seeing some funky
sound on startup (could be I'm running it on 8600/200 with only 80MB RAM)
don't know.

Since the previous version I had was pre 2.x I am truly impressed, I run
gnome on my WinTel machine from work and thought it was good, but I must say
I am impressed with KDE 2.1..... Konqueror is a good browser so far, and more
'screen efficient' than Netscape.

Good Luck


On Friday 02 March 2001 19:34, you wrote:
> Any suggestions on the best way to upgrade the stock KDE 1.1.2 to 2.1? I
> would prefer not compiling the sources myself, as that would take an
> extensive amount of time (and likely some head banging).
> I think I've seen rpm's out there for suse linux 7 (ppc) and maybe
> linuxppc 2000. Any suggestions on which rpms would be best to install?
> Thanks.

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