Next question: ssh

Subject: Next question: ssh
From: Carolyn Jean Fairman (cfairman@Stanford.EDU)
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 16:56:27 MST

I installed and compiled ssh and ssh -V gives me a version number so I
assmed I did it all right until (as root, see my earlier post) I found
I couldn't ssh into anywhere! I can telnet just fine but Stanford
soon will allow no unencrypted telnet sessions (plus they are a Bad
Idea) and installing and configuring kerberos is daunting considering
that I haven't figured even this out.

What happens is that I startx and then in a shell window I ssh
hostname. The connection hangs. I checked ps -e and no sshd is
running so I started one by running sshd itself and even with the
daemon running I can't get the connection. Using ssh -v I get that it
connects to the remote host, or so it claims but then nothing else
happens and it hangs. Any advice appreciated. I'm still working as
root because then telnet does connect and I can check that.

Carolyn Fairman

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