G4 video problem

Subject: G4 video problem
From: Bruce A Leggett (brucealeg@ngent.net)
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 11:49:05 MDT

I am trying to install YDL onto a new G4 450 Sawtooth. I downloaded the 1.2
server and got the install going. For the most part it was very easy and I had
no problems. The installer detected all my hardware and things went ok.

I get into my new system and type startx and when KDE comes up the video is
scrambled. I have to hit control-apple-delete to get back to the CP.

I am not sure if this is happening because of a faulty monitor refresh
selection or the supposeded poor support of Apples AGP. I am using a Dell 17
inch monitor. I used a custom selection and used the same setting as I dp on my
intel Linux box. Only the video is scrambled.

The worse part is when I go into X11R6/bin to run Xconfiguator the program will
not run. I even tried using ./ in case of a path issue, but it wont run. So I
have to install it all obver again to change my settings.

Can someone with a simular setup help me out on what to do?

My setup:
G4 450
128 mb ram
Dell d1028L 17 inch monitor (I have all my machine on 1 monitor via switch box)
seperate IBM hard drive for linux.

Any help is appreciated.


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