Re: YDL on G4 AGP

Subject: Re: YDL on G4 AGP
From: david bonde (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 14:20:47 MDT

At 16.11 -0400 00-05-19, wrote/00-05-19,
16.11 -0400 skrev

>This is to everyoen out there trying to use yaboot to boot yellow dog
>linux. I have found that if you get the newest version of BootX (1.2 it
>can be found at the yelow dog ftp site), it works just fine for
>installing and booting linux. This is a lot better then the yaboot
>method if you have a mac and a linux partition.

I only find 1.1.3?

Can you use it with more than 1 MacOS partition?

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