RE: PS/2 to ADB Adapter

Subject: RE: PS/2 to ADB Adapter
From: Robert Vogt IV (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 13:34:48 MDT


> The only drawback of this approach is that on starting MacOS you don't have
> mouse (or keyboard, if you've switched that too) until the USB extension loads,
> so you've got to think about how you configure BootX for example, if you use
> that. Probably better to have it default to MacOS at startup...
        Well, assuming you _do_ have a keyboard, you can always use tab to
select the OS in BootX. You might also hunt around and try to find
boot-capable USB card (don't ask _me_ where :) ).

> For the record I have no clue whether the PS/2-ADB scheme would work.
        This setup should work, since the conversion is only in
hardware. However, I can remember seeing lots of 3-button ADB mice in the
past .... I think Kensington makes/made a model or two. Check their
website or call them up and see if they have any left over.

                        -Robert Vogt IV

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