Re: Wireless PCMCIA

Subject: Re: Wireless PCMCIA
From: Paul J. Lucas (
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 12:26:06 MDT

On Sun, 27 May 2001, Jim Cole wrote:

> PCMCIA is working, the appropriate module is loading, and some level of
> communication is occurring between the system and the PC card. However,
> the logs always report a resource failure (as shown below).

        I've had this problem when using yaboot, but not BootX.
        Apparantly, there's something beneficial that MacOS does to
        initialize the PCI bus WRT the PCMCIA bridge that the 2.2.x
        kernels do not do. However, there's something detrimental
        MacOS does to the PCI bus WRT XFree86 4.x; hence, you can't use
        kernel 2.2.x, PCMCIA, and XFree86 4.x all at the same time.
        If you're using XFree83 3.3.6, then you can downgrade to BootX
        and that might work. If not, you can try:

                setpci -v -s 13 command=7 19.b=1 1a.b=4 1b.b=b0

        after having booted using yaboot and see if things get better
        for the Wavelan card. If not, I think your boot/kernel setup
        simply leaves you SOL.

        - Paul

        P.S.: I have a happily working Lombard running 2.2.17, BootX,
        XFree86 3.3.6, Wavelan. I want to upgrade to XFree86 4.x, but,
        to do that, I have to switch to yaboot (and not have a working
        Wavelan card) or switch to kernel 2.4.x that, supposedly, does
        better initialization of the PCI bus. Several months ago, I
        tried this and the improperly initialzed PCI bus made XFree86
        4.x unhappy that made the kernel crash and take out a few
        blocks on my root partition right where glibc is rendering the
        machine unbootable. After a few days of hair pulling just to
        figure *that* out, I had to boot with a rescue image, mount the
        root martition, and salvage the root partition via a cross-over
        cable to another machine. I then had to reformat my root
        partition and put stuff back including a fixed glibc.

        Needless to say, I'm not really wanting to take a perfectly
        working system and tweak it any time soon even if it means not
        using XFree86 4.x. I might get up the courage and stamina to
        try this again sometime once kernel 2.4.x settles down some

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