Sonnet Tempo questions

Subject: Sonnet Tempo questions
From: Parker, Wayne R, PR (
Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 15:27:53 MDT

Here's the situation:

I have an old Mac clone that's been retired from active duty, but is still
functional. It's a PowerCenter Pro 210 with XLR8 400MHz G3 upgrade, 224MB
RAM, ATi RAGE Orion, 4GB Ultra SCSI drive. I would like to use it as a file,
mail, FTP and web server.

I'm already running YDL 2.0 off the original SCSI HD, but it's sllooowwww.
Yeah, I could buy a bigger drive, but SCSI drives are damned expensive
compared to IDE, and I happen to have a 60GB Western Digital drive laying

I've read the previous list posts about using a Sonnet Tempo ATA-66 card
with YDL, and I already know I need to compile in kernel support. Got that.
I know I have to boot MacOS & BootX (& hence the kernel) off the internal
drive, but once BootX loads, can it load the rest of YDL from an IDE drive
on the Tempo?

Thanks in advance!

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