A question about /etc/mtab (and partitioning)

Subject: A question about /etc/mtab (and partitioning)
From: Riccardo Gusso (grick@mac.com )
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 16:00:31 MDT

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Since I have an iMac rev.B with its not so big 4G hd the first time I
installed Linux I partitioned in this way:
2G HFS+ for MacOs
700M HFS for hard-disk install of Linux and exchanging files
1.3G for Linux, with only two partition:
swap (128M)

Still I'm having problems of space, and so I decided to repartition the
700M HFS partition in two other ones:
100M HFS for exchanging files
600M ext2 for linux
Now I would like to edit /etc/mtab and add the following line:
"/dev/hda6 /home /ext2 rw 0 0"
(/dev/hda7 is root and /dev/hda9 is swap)
to automount the 600M ext2 partition at the startup as /home.
But the question is:
I have already a /home directory inside my root partition: can this
cause problems? Can I simply copy the contents of the directory /home in
the new /home partition or have I to do something else?
And, if necessary, can I move something from /usr directory inside /root
partition inside a new /usr directory inside /home partition and have
all working?
Thanks in advance.


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