RE: Squid

Subject: RE: Squid
From: Stefan Schneider (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 16:27:05 MDT

>I' ve just compiled and installed squid-2.3.STABLE4 on my YDL CS 1.2
>server, all OK. Created swap directories, all OK.
>I do a /usr/local/squid/bin/squid -NCd1 and get:

check your squid.conf file, in my case (I run transparent proxies with Squid) I start it with squid -a 80 -D -V, the important flags are -D (Disable DNS initial tests which are VERY troublesome) and -V, -a is used to redirect the port (In my case to forward from 80 to 8080. I would reccomend you first try the precompiled binary on the YDL 1.2 CD and if it works then try to roll your own. Squid should always run as squid/squid and if you create the user/grp before compilation when you run make install it should chgrp/chown everything accordingly... BTW check your logfile location and user, as well as the cache directory structure... if you haven't done so run squid -z prior to running the daemon so it creates the appropiate structures and logfiles.

Hope this helps


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