Netatalk printing woes

Subject: Netatalk printing woes
From: Sam Moore (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 15:00:54 MDT

Hi folks. I'm trying to print via AppleTalk to my SilentWriter 95, with limited
success. All my Macs can print to it, just not the Linux box.
Several questions about netatalk...

1. does anyone know where Chuck Shotton's notes on netatalk setup went? They're
not at
anymore, contrary to the Faq-O-Matic.

2. lpq is reporting
"Warning: unable to get official name for remote machine" which I take it means
my /etc/printcap has the wrong name for my printer.
I've tried to use nbplkup to find out what's on the network according to atalk,
but the syntax has me confused.
nbplkup :LaserWriter returns "Invalid argument" despite the fact the the man
page for nbplkup gives this exact line as an example. Otherwise the man page is,
shall we say, somewhat terse.
Several other variations have also failed (nbplkup =:=@*, nbplkup
=:LaserWriter@*, etc.)

Any suggestions on what to try next appreciated.

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