Multiple eth

Subject: Multiple eth
From: Ulrik Sjöström (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 11:28:54 MDT

I've got YDL CS 1.2 on a 6400/180. It's equipped with two ethernet
cards, one Kingston and one D-link DFE-530TX. The Kingston works
perfect. But the D-link is just hopeless. I've finally succeded in
installing the drivers, compiled into the Kernel, 2.2.17pre20-Ben3.
This broke the X server. But i don.t really care about graphics on a
Linux-box, so it doesn't matter. Thing is, even though support for
the via-rhine ethernet controller loads at startup and there is an
entry for VIA in /proc/pci i get the feedback "Device doesn't exist"
from ifconfig when trying to load eth1. I also have "linux
ether="0,0,eth1" in the more kernel arguments in BootX. I've also
tried to make an "ether" entry in /etc/conf.modules" even though this
should have nothing to do with it.

I'm running out of patience here......))
PLEASE, if you know what i'm doing wrong, let me know!

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