Re: PGP sigs (was Re: Starting Apache/MySql)

Subject: Re: PGP sigs (was Re: Starting Apache/MySql)
From: dG (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 14:48:31 MDT

Ah, cool. Thanks for the info. I am using Outlook Express 5 so that is
probably why. I guess if I got off my @ss and looked into PGP I would know
these things (adding it to the list of projects).

Thanks again


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Subject: PGP sigs (was Re: Starting Apache/MySql)

> On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, dG wrote:
> > Even if you follow the advice in the attachment to this email, (Why does
> > come as an attachment? Is it my mailreader, or is the cool thing on the
> > block to reply to email w/ attachments), you will still need to write an
> My reply was a PGP-signed reply, and the "proper" way to send PGP-signed
> messages is to have the message as one MIME attachment and the PGP
> signature as a second attachment.
> Most mail readers handle this without problems, although Outlook is the
> imfamous exception to that rule. (However, I hear the solaris version
> doesn't have problems with it).
> I've NOT PGP-signed this message so that it'll be easier for you to read
> it.
> Jag

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