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Velasquez, Carlos (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 13:25:05 -0400


I just purchase Yellow dog linux for my Mac clone and I am having some
problems installing it. My configuration is a Umax S900 running with 604e
PPC and 162Meg Ram. I have 2 hard drives (both SCSI-2) and one Jazz Drive.
Video-wise, this system came with an IMS Twin Turbo graphics card with 8Meg
of video ram.

The problem: When I get to the point where the installer asks to load the CD
into the CD-ROM (also a SCSI device) it reports back that a mount parameter
error; "Unable to mount /dev/scd0/" I have also tried copying the entire CD
to my Jazz drive and tried installing from there, but to no avail (I get a
"tree directory not found" or something like that.) Has anyone encountered
this problem or can anyone suggest a fix?


P.S. I also downloaded and am using the latest installer.

C.F. Velasquez
Asst. Vice President
Global Database and Technology Division
Salomon Smith Barney, Inc.

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