Re: Thanks Ben, works great and a new question for all.

Subject: Re: Thanks Ben, works great and a new question for all.
From: Evan Read (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 15:18:59 MDT

>> Now for my new question for all.
>> Netscape 4.61 has crashed on me for the last time!!!!!! Next time, I am
>>sure I
>> am gonna have major data loss (yes, X freezes and I can't escape)....
>For a while this summer Gnome was crashing on me (freezing, requiring a
>reboot since I didn't have a network). Since upgrading to Champion-1.1, I
>have had zero crashes (other than on I forked in an infinite loop by
>accident). I don't know what the cause was, but I have been very happy
>with the upgrade.

Conversely, my problems didn't start until CS 1.1. This is the only
problem I am having.

>I don't know if that helps...
>Another browser would be lynx, but that is kinda text based and doesn't do
>everything netscape can.

I would prefer pictures... Lynx is good for the occasional browse if I am
logged into a remote box with no X but..... This is a local box with loads
of horsepower..

I am using KDE, btw.... maybe KDE is to blame... I don't know...

>-Ben Karas
>ps. The upgrade even fixed the pesky backspace key for me !!!

Really? Still a problem for me and Netscape still acts like a bitch when I
fix it manually....

Thanks all


Evan Read

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