Re: Three-button mice?

Subject: Re: Three-button mice?
From: Phil Kirschner (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 01:40:57 MST

If you have usb, I highly suggest the Contour UniMouse. Check out
the web page for details on compatibility with YDL. There is a
picture of them at the bottom of the main page.

> I am considering buying a three-button mouse for my Mac. Which
>makes are supported by Yellow Dog Linux?
> Dirty Dog
> PS. After I already had sent my question about the release date
>of your next version I saw your link to the page about your plans
>for Yellow Dog Gone Home. It sounds very interesting, and I'll buy
>it when it is released. Are you considering having an announcement
>list to which I can subscribe, in which you will announce when it is
>>Our next version, Yellow Dog Linux Gone Home 1.0 should be out well before
>>a half a year from now.
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