Re: contour design unimouse on '99 G3 pbook w/YDLCS 1.1

Subject: Re: contour design unimouse on '99 G3 pbook w/YDLCS 1.1
From: Nigel Marks (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 00:15:54 MST

> The "bronze" PB G3, Lombard, '99 G3, whatever you want to call it, *internally* uses ADB for the keyboard and trackpad. The built-in keyboard and trackpad work fine with linux kernel 2.2.6.
> However, I think Apple did something funky when it implemented USB on these machines. I remember reading about problems with pre-OS-9 MacOS and USB on the PB G3. I don't know anything about what's going on, but since the other USB Macs seem to be working fine with 2.2.6 and external mice, there must just be something funky about the PBG3 that doesn't allow the Contour mouse to work even if you select a 3-button USB mouse with mouseconfig.
> I've gotten it to work (with help from a very Unix-savvy friend) with kernel 2.2.14, but for some reason that kernel likes to crash my system.
> Anyone else have experience with a stable kernel,
> 2.2.6 < kernel < 2.2.14?

I am using 2.2.12 and my Countour Mouse works a treat on my Lombard. Together with gpm
to give simultaneous trackpad and mouse I'm a happy camper. Now, if only I could actually
get a fully featured accelerated X ...

PS: This is my second Lombard, having waited two months for Apple to a) acknowledge the
    first was faulty and b) replace it. It seems I'm not the only frustrated 99 PB user
    out there.

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