Re: Open Ports

Subject: Re: Open Ports
From: Darron Froese (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 22:06:54 MST

on 1/11/00 9:17 PM, Neil Jolly at wrote:

> portsentry running as well as a pretty well
> configured ipchains based firewall, so any attempt to attach to these
> ports gets rejected, but I'd much sooner have them closed. Does anyone
> know a good way to find out what is opening these ports? Thanks !

That's your key Neil - you've got portsentry running. It makes those ports
"listen" even if you don't have the servers running.

As long as they go away when you kill the portsentry process - you shouldn't
have to worry.

Check in the /usr/local/psionic/portsentry/portsentry.conf file - you should
see a list of ports that are pseudo active near the top - those are your
mystery ports.

Hope that helped at all.


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