Re: Upgrading Apache 1.3.6 to 1.3.9

Subject: Re: Upgrading Apache 1.3.6 to 1.3.9
From: Patrick Callahan (
Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 07:58:09 MST

Peter Hans Frohwein wrote:

> My Champion Server (1.1) came with Apache 1.3.6. I would like to
> upgrade the
> server to 1.3.9 . Which unix version should I download from
> And
> are the installation/upgrade steps simple or at least clearly defined
> somewhere ?
> Thanks in advance for your help.!
> Peter Frohwein

Is upgrading ever simple?

Here's a question for the readers of this list:

As Linux progresses, and as new versions of software from various groups
of contributors appear, what are the steps one should take and what
information is needed to determine what the upgrade procedure should be
for a given package. How do you find and organize that information?

As a newbie back in August 99, I tried a bunch of stuff to get various
pieces of software upgraded with predictable newbie results. I quickly
leared that just grabbing .rpm files and installing them (forcing them
in some cases) is a recipie for a broken system.

What I've learned since is that there's a bunch of stuff to learn and
understand about specific versions compilers and libraries used for
building stuff. I don't have any of this down to specifics yet, but
experience writing programs in other environments tell me that the
information I need falls into several categories:

o Information about Libraries

    o How does the library mechanisms work in Linux? What are they?
    o What's the difference between "run time libraries" and "build
time libraries"
    o What directories, files and chunks of memory contain the
libraries when you are building, when you are installing, and when you
are running programs based on a specific library and library version.

o Information about versions of libraries

    o I've heard the term "library versioning" used. Is that new?
What's that about?
    o In a given installation, can more than one version of a library
be used at the same time?
    o What actually happens when you "upgrade a library".
    o Do you have to reboot after upgrading a library? What do you
have to do after you've just upgraded a library?
    o What could you break by upgrading a library package such as
glibc? How would you fix it?
    o Are library packages generally downward compatible? That is, if
you install a newer version of a library will programs based on the
older version of the library still work?
    o If I upgrade a library, what will I no longer be able to run?
    o If I upgrade a library, what will I no longer be able to build?

o Information about build tools

    o What tools are needed to build a particular package
    o What version of the tools is required for what I want to build
    o If I upgrade a tool what will I no longer be able to build?

Are these the right questions? What documents contain this kind of
information? Any good articles to read?


After 6 months of Linux, the following quotations come to mind:

- "As an experiment we filled your brain with all our interstellar
navigational information"
   "What happened?"
   "It leaked." - conversation between a machine intelligence and a
human child in the movie "Flight of the Navigator"

- "Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it... " - character HAL9000 in
the movie "2001"

- "A clear sign of mental deterioration is the making and keeping of
lists" - Author: I forget...

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