Re: Formac proRaid and Yamaha-CD-Recorder

Subject: Re: Formac proRaid and Yamaha-CD-Recorder
From: Gilbert Fernandes (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 20:01:51 MST

Wiebke Timm said at “Formac proRaid and Yamaha-CD-Recorder”.
[18/01/00 03:16]

> hoi!

oÔ :)
> Are there any known problems with the proRaid pci card together with a
> YamahaCRW6416 under LinuxPPC on a G3?

I'm also using a Yamaha CRW6416s (firmware 1.0c) and I've not tried it
yet with Yellow-Dog. But you speak about "LinuxPPC" on your email; this
is a rather Yellow-Dog oriented list ;)
> And sorry for all these newbie questions by the way... I just didn't
> know where
> else to ask...
First thing is to try to use your Yamaha with the PCI card. If you
don't encounter problems, good! Otherwise, just tell us. But.. asking
before trying is somewhat going a bit too fast :)

I'll try tomorrow on my side, and I'll email you the results.

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