Two things.

Subject: Two things.
From: Benjamin S Donley (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 21:34:49 MST

I've got three little annoying issues that I don't know how to approach.

1) Every so often, a document titled ??"? appears in my user directory. In
   gnome, it appears as a document without a title at all. What is this file,
   and how do I stop it from appearing in the future?

2) If I'm running X and I su to root, my X server refuses a connection to
   anything I run as root. Where do I configure this? Should I?

3) The *only* time linux has hung on me is during a particular part of
   shutdown. Sometimes it will get to "Stopping interface eth0" (or whatever
   it says when it's closing the ethernet connection) and never progress
   further. I've tried waiting for hours, I've tried disconnecting the
   ethernet cable, and I've tried all kinds of escape characters. I assume
   it's related to some sort of DHCP issue, since that's been the cause of all
   my real newbie headaches, but I'm stumped for a fix.

Anyone that helps me gets to be my new best friend.

 - Ben

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