Help installing ydl on Blue G3

Paul Oertel (
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 06:01:21 +0900

Dear Yellow Dog users,

I am having trouble installing Yellow Dog Linux on my Blue G3. I purchased
my G3 in Japan used. It has 12GB ata hard drive, an adaptec 2930 (I know it
isn`t officially supported.) 128mb ram and two SCSI hard drives. I
partitioned the ata drive into several 1.5 gb partitions with pdisk. The
first four partitions are formatted for MacOS (HFS). One Partition is an
Apple UNIX partition and the remainder are unformatted. The scsi drive
partitions are all MacOS. I boot from either an Ata partition or a Mac
Partition. Pdisk says the ata drive is at /dev/hdc.

When I tried to boot into the linux image that I got from the CD the screen
goes black and then I get some messages and then it seems to stall at

After I force the Mac to boot back into the MacOS it stalls during boot and
I have to force it to reboot from my backup System folder on the SCSI disk.

I have installed and used MkLinux on my old PowerMac and Redhat Linux on
Intel hardware but this is my first time for YDL. Can anyone steer me in
the right direction?

Thank you for the help.


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