Re: 7600 video

Darron Froese (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 14:47:36 -0600

> What can I install for ydl that will allow me to bring up a windo in X so
> that I can view video using to RCA in on the back of mac PowerMac 7600?


There was a set of patches to the 2.2.5 (and the new planb-1.0 supports
2.2.7) kernel that allowed you to use the "planb" video hardware in linux:

    - the announcement

    - planb homepage

There are other README's with the planb distribution that you will need to

I've had it working just fine under linuxppc-R4 before - it shouldn't be a
problem under ydl.

Darron - WestWorld Computers

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