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Evan wrote:
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> > This may be obvious, and you may have tried this, but have you run
> > it from the local directory yet? i.e. ./rc5des ? I could never get
> > the client to run from the command line, most probably since it gets
> > installed into a non-PATH directory. I apologize if you have done this
> > already, but it works for me.
> >
> not sure of exactely what you mean, but I am running it from the directory it
> is located in.
> Something else of note, when it was installed, is belonged to "USERS" group. I
> changed that to ROOT (and had the same problem).
> yes, as you can tell, I am trying to run it as root (I haven't been bothered to
> create enough permissions for my unroot self.

What he means is that when you are trying to run an executable, linux
will look for the executable ONLY in the directories in the PATH
variable unless a path is explicitly entered. The '.' means the current
directory so './rc5des' tries to execute the rc5des program in the
current directory.

If you are using the bash shell (most people do), use tab completion to
test the shell sees it and it is executable (the shell won't tab
complete the first thing on the command line unless it is exectuable).


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