X problems on a B&W G3 ;-)))

Oliver Kiessler (kiessler@einspunktnull.de)
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 10:19:47 +0200

hi there,
i have a question concerning the X configuration on my B&W G3: I cant boot
into linux (i am using kernel 2.2.7 from the yellowdoglinux ftp) when i
uncheck 'No video driver'in the BootX panel...the machine seems to do
something...but after a short time it stops...and hangs...

when i check the 'no video driver' in the BootX panel everything boots ok
but X is not working....if i could use X on my G3 I'd be the happiest man on
earth...(and i would never touch a PC again...I swear)...


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