X / KDE: Window Opening fails

Steffo Weber (s-weber@itsec-debis.de)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 13:07:18 +0200


Im running YDL 1.0 (CS) on a 7500 w. a 233 Mhz 604e card.

After working in the KDE for 1-2 hrs and starting an X application
(e.g. kvt, netscape) the corresponding window does not show
up. However, using "ps ax" I can see that the new process
appears. Trying to logoff from the KDE session completely freezes
the KDE session (I can then kill the X Server from a remote terminal though).

Im using XFree86-*- from the updates-directory
and the KDE stuff from the YDL CDs.

Any comments, ideas?

Dr S Weber
debis IT Security Services, Bonn

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