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Evan Read (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 17:50:10 +1300

> Right.. buying up competition is not the way to go ;)

I was thinking more about brand loyalty and owning the "brand", not the
code. Of course, owning ANYTHING could result in backlash from the
community. You don't want to hurt the community ;) "Treat the community
like your best friend and they will become your best friend" (paraphrased
from The Cathedral and the Bazaar - required reading).

>> C'mon, I don't really see alot happening though, do you?
> You're right.. I guess we just need more major things happening with PPC
> :)

Any inside information? ;) You got any chats/interviews/press releases we
should be wary of? ;)

>> 3. Anything to add anyone?
> Definatly.. the discussion on this list definatly will impact how YDL is
> shaped.. we do listen.
> Also.. criticism is good..if we aren't doing something right let us know.

I would recommend that we begin to spread the word about this list. Mail
the URL to other lists. Get people to cross-subscribe. Soon people will be
saying "WTF? A PowerPC alternative?"

Tell everyone who uses Macs on the client and Lintel (I like that name ;) on
the server that they can throw away the Intel stuff next upgrade ;). I know
of one guy in particular who would love to run a Mac only house if something
like Champion Server came along (which had better be alot better than
PowerPCs offering because from what I could tell, he couldn't see any
advantages to moving away from Slackware/Intel). Since you are customizing
for for servers, that could be a good selling point.

Then tell everyone else about the best hardware/software combination...
Almost all the people I know (who like computers) like Mac hardware (good
architecture) but fear catching a disease from using MacOS... now they don't
have to.... (will be particularly important to get Yose and iMac support
strong to generate new hardware sales).

Then, change your signature:

Evan Read

Linux -- "it is computing, Jim, but not as we know it" YellowDogLinux - Linux for the PowerPC -

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