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Evan Read (Evan@AdvComm.Co.NZ)
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 11:48:52 +1300

Same thing has been said about Linux. And now you guys are looking to
break through that "server" mold and get Linux onto Mom's computer.

What happens if the majority of mac users recommend MacOS X Server (and
later MacOS X) over Linux because mom doesn't need all of Linux's power,
but does need some modern OS features....

I admit that MacOS X Server's price is going to make it prohibitively
expensive for most (even with the new price drop) but it will definately
serve as an indication as to what kind of adoption MacOS X will recieve.

I will always recommend Linux over any of Apple's offerings until Apple
joins the spirit of Open Source properly. But if they do (or if Linux
developers flock to MacOS X with open source products), I will probably be

Mainly because Apple will always be ahead of the curve in terms of software
(because they make the hardware) and because Mac developers mac some good

Maybe I am concerned over nothing. But unlike Redhat (who competes with
MS) their competetion isn't even remotely looking at Open Source stuff.
But your competition, Apple, is looking like they may walk this way and
talk this way (the open source way).

You guys seriously need to consider some sorta deal with Apple (that won't
see you hurt in the process) and definately figure out some sort of

I am naturally a glass half empty kinda guy when it comes to things I want
to succeed, but better safe than sorry ;)

Comments are welcome


>Mac OS X has a very specific market. It's not intended for home use afaik.
>I believe I've read that it's intended for small-medium level serving.
>For example, a school computer lab of iMacs run off a OS X server.
>On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Evan Read wrote:
>> Hey there,
>> if you haven't already, read this:
>> Basically, Apple is looking like it wants Linux developers on its
>> platform.... what are you guys going to do about this? It may be hard to
>> push Linux onto the Mac crowd when Apple is offering a pretty version of
>> what could be a powerful operating system...
>> This would particularly affect Gone Home users who could just stick with
>> Apple's OS....
>> What do you guys think?
>> Thanks.
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