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Tue, 23 Mar 1999 17:42:51 +1200

Just curious....

Is this being distributed to major press networks....?

Just wondering ;) Gives YDL a feeling of validity ;)


Evan Read

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---------- >From: Kai Staats <> >To: YDL Announce Mailing List <> >Subject: [yellowdog-announce] Yellow Dog Linux, Press Release: 22 March 1999 >Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 2:01 PM >

> Terra Soft Solutions offers Linuxcare for Expert Technical Support > > Fort Collins, Colorado-22 March 1999 > > Terra Soft Solutions, developer of Yellow Dog Linux for Apple Macintosh > G3s, today announced its affiliation with LinuxCare, one of the worlds' > finest phone, web, and email-based support center's for Linux users. > > > "When we go live, we will offer a very complete package that rivals more > established Linux distributions," states Kai Staats, CEO Terra Soft > Solutions. The informative YDL website offers an elegant online shopping > cart where customers will be able to purchase YDL CDs, installation manual > and support, a unique portfolio case, rackmount equipment, and now > Linuxcare Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum service packages. > > Arthur F. Tyde III, CEO of Linuxcare, brings with him an extensive > background in the design and implementation of phone support centers. Born > of the world's largest Linux user's group, Linuxcare's experience is > already unsurpassed. Arthur F. Tyde, states "The innovative approach of the > Yellow Dog team is refreshing. We are pleased to be working with them and > their future customers." > > > Linuxcare draws from a worldwide network of Linux developers and experts to > offer unparalleled Linux support services, including 24X7 enterprise-class > support programs. By focusing exclusively on Linux, they've been able to > put together a team of people that have the technical depth required to > satisfy the demands of enterprise customers while retaining the innovative > culture that made Linux a runaway success. > > "While we are providing a thorough install manual and in-house installation > support, we know there ia a very real need to also provide ongoing support > for our customers. We believe this is the best solution we can offer the > owners of Yellow Dog Linux," states Kai Staats, CEO TSS. > > > For more information about Yellow Dog Linux: > > > Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. > (un)subscribe: > > > > About Linuxcare > Linuxcare, based in San Fransisco, CA, is committed to maximize their > customers success in enterprise markets by providing world-class commercial > linux support, consulting, and education services. LinuxCare's exclusive > focus on Linux technologies and solutions and its access to a world wide > network of qualified Linux engineers makes it the premier choice for Linux > Support Services. > > More information about Linuxcare is available at > > > About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. > Terra Soft, based in Fort Collins, CO, is the developer of Yellow Dog Linux > for Apple Macintosh PPC/G3 computers. Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server, > their flagship product, is a highly professional distribution geared toward > ISPs and developers. It is offered with a printed book, unique binder, and > portfolio case. > > More information about TSS is available at > > >

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