CS 1.0 Install on 7600...

Darron Froese (darron@odi.ca)
Tue, 4 May 1999 23:36:33 -0600 (MDT)

Howdy all!

I just got my CS 1.0 CD's in the mail and was looking forward to to
installing it on my 7600 at home this evening. I've installed, configured
and administrated MkLinux, LinuxPPC and Debian PPC boxes on a bunch of
different machines so I anticipated a few little changes, but overall
things should be the same. Apparently it's not so....

I downloaded the updated installer off of ftp.yellowdoglinux.com and gave
it a shot - no go. First off, when I tried to open up pdisk to partition
my drive pdisk would launch, then the screen with the "Disk Druid" "pdisk"
options would pop up again, effectively cancelling the whole pdisk
process. No problemo - I'll just boot into LinuxPPC and pdisk my machine
from there. Did that - skipped the problem screen and all was well.

I popped in the CD for a CD install - tons and tons of packages would NOT
install at all. So I killed it a little ways through the install and tried
an NFS install (off of an MkLinux box at home here) - no go - sig 11 part
way through. OK - no problem - I'll try an ftp install off of the mounted
CD on my mklinux box - nope - can't find a certain file (2nd ramdisk?? I
can't remember the exact wording now). OK, I'll try it on my linuxppc
Apple Network Server - no go - can't find that file. So I copied the whole
CD to the drive and try it then - still can't find that file. I went
through the ftp.yellowdoglinux.com site looking for that file that was
missing and couldn't find it.

I finally gave up trying to install it over the network at all and tried
it one more time with the CD install. It kept missing tons and tons of
packages. I patiently babysat the install through the whole process and
couldn't finish it - due to all the missing packages. It's a
non-functional install after all that - won't boot and is missing a ton of
essential packages if I wanted to do anything with it.

Has anyone actually installed this on a 7600?

I've posted the install.log at <http://darron.odi.ca/install-log.txt> to
show all the errors (I would have included it here but it's over 60K of
text). I haven't had a chance to really look it over and see what's going
on - hopefully somebody's seen/heard of this problem and has a solution or
a word.

I've been looking forward to installing this glibc-2.1 distro and moving
my machines over to it but this hasn't been promising so far (I've got a
couple more machines to try it on: B&W G3 and an Apple Network Server, but
I'm a little leery about wiping those machines off and then getting stuck
without a working install - maybe tomorrow night - I'm a glutton for
punishment ;-)

If anyone's got any tips or advice - I'd love to hear it - I'm a little
dissappointed right now and hope to get it working ASAP.

Thanks alot.


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