Re: [yellowdog-announce] YDL Fully Supports Apple Blue & Whites: Press Release 11 May 1999

Rich Cavanaugh (
Wed, 12 May 1999 09:54:59 -0500

it says FULL support, but this doesn't include the RAGE 128, does it?

Rich Cavanaugh
MacCenter Systems Engineer

---------- >From: Kai Staats <> >To: YDL Announce Mailing List <> >Subject: [yellowdog-announce] YDL Fully Supports Apple Blue & Whites: Press Release 11 May 1999 >Date: Tue, May 11, 1999, 7:05 PM >

> Loveland, Colorado, 11 May 1999 > > Apple Blue & White G3s are now fully supported by Yellow Dog Linux Champion > Server. > > Terra Soft Solutions is pleased to offer official Installation Support for > the Blue & Whites in conjunction with both the 'Install & Source CDs' and > with the full 'CDs, Guide to Installation, 3-ring binder, and zipper-case' > package. > > "This is a testimony to the speed at which Linux developers are able to > support new hardware. We are pleased to have advanced the Linux/PPC kernel > with strong contributions from our in-house development team," states Dan > Burcaw, Director of Research & Development. > > Terra Soft Solutions announced the last week of April their successful > porting of the CMD646 driver to the Linux/PPC kernel, offering the much > anticipated support for the primary ATA chain. This driver supports the > ultra-DMA features of the chipset, allowing data transfer in excess of 30MB > per second. Also fully tested and supported are the 29xx family of Adaptec > SCSI cards which enable the use of both internal and external SCSI drives > with the Blue & Whites. > > > Champion Server 1.0 may be ordered online via the YDL website: > > > The updated Blue & White kernel is available online: > > > Also, make certain the new installer is used, found online: > > > > About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. > Terra Soft, based in Loveland, CO, is the developer of Yellow Dog Linux for > Apple Macintosh PPC and G3 computers. Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server, > their flagship product, is a highly professional distribution geared toward > ISPs and developers. > > For more information about Terra Soft Solutions, visit their website at > > >

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