Re: XFree86 + Blue G3

Urs Hochstrasser (
Sun, 23 May 1999 10:31:12 +0200

>Has anyone sucessfuly been able to run XFree86 on a Blue G3?
Successful? Well, more or less:

- Use the Xpmac driver instead of FBDev (found on the YDL 'Errata' page)
- check the 'no video driver' option in the BootX dialog (you get the same
bit depth and resolution as in MacOS. If your Mac video driver switches to
640x480 when showing the splash screen, wait until you are in the Finder
and use the BootX control panel to switch to Linux)
- get an ADB mouse, since the USB mouse only seems to work in text mode
- make yourself an xmodmap for your USB keyboard or use an ADB keyboard (US

I made an xmodmap for my Swiss German USB keyboard, if anyone is interested.
(You can find out the keycodes under X using the program xev).
The problem with the mouse is still not solved. Could it be that
'/dev/adbmouse' is somewhat hardcoded into Xpmac instead of '/dev/mouse'
(which points to '/dev/usbmouse' in my case)?.

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