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Brett Humphreys (
Thu, 27 May 1999 12:38:55 -0400

        I've read this list for a month and a half, and am preparing myslef to
install YDL on my imac, I think it is a Rev. A (don't quite remember the
differnce between A or B, it is one of those). Anyway, i cannot wait
any longer for gone home and want a stable glibc version of linux. YDL
champion is the choice.
        My question to you all, since i'm a student i dont' have a ton of $.
Nor do I have a fast internet connection (56k, but most often 33.6). I
know the base install, including an X and other basic linux properties
is ~ 600MB right? So, shoudl I go to my local PC lab and download all
the install stuff to multiple zip disks, then put them on my swap
partition of my hard drive? Or should i do a piece wise install, over
my 28.8, installing only the RMPS i need?
        If i do download the image, i understand i need to put it in the
/RedHat directory. But what files do i copy? I know i need the new
ramdisk image for imacs.
        I assume it is
/pub/yellowdog/champion-1.0/ppc/RedHat/instimage/usr/bin/ is this
correct? does this get me to a linux login and command line?
        Assuming i get everythign on zip disks, how big with the whole package be?

Or should I just suck it up and get the 1.0 cd (or does 1.1 come on the
shipping cd now?) ? Sorry if these questions have been answered
already, but i tried finding them myself in the history, and hadn't any luck.

Thanks so much in advance.

-Brett Humphreys
EECS Student
Ohio University

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