Re: Installer Hanging up... Why?

Subject: Re: Installer Hanging up... Why?
From: matthew bradley (
Date: Sun Nov 07 1999 - 19:37:51 MST

me again - i discovered my problem:

    though i know that YDL only supports the very basic USB devices - a
keyboard and mouse, i 1) forgot (heheh) that my Kensington 2button USB Orbit
trackball doesn't count as a USB mouse and 2) i had it chained off of a USB
hub. i assumed that Linux would just ignore what it couldn't use and use my
trackball/mouse & keyboard...

    not quite...

    i had help from my friends (shouts to danny quist and cort dougan) and i
pulled the usb hub and hooked up my old mouse...

    what it was doing (since, remember, my installer did work) was go in
some sort of loop in the background trying and tring again and again to do
something w/the other USB devices... this really slowed it down and
eventually 'caused it to hang.

    everything is all set up now and 'coo... it'd be nice to use my
kensington 2button mouse, but oh well.

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> Subject: Installer Hanging up... Why?
> I have a PowerMac Blue&White G3, very new - so i think it's revision 2 -
> and i've had problems with the RedHat installer on the YDL 1.1 CD hanging
> up on installing packaging.
> I've been able to install bootx as according to the PDF manual, set up the
> partition map using fdisk, etc. ...everything goes well until it starts
> actually installing packages. It's hung up 3 times doing this, forcing to
> hard reboot, zap the PRAM, and on occasion reformat the drive, reinstall
> the MacOS and try again... It hangs up on a different package each time.
> I'm installing the default selection of packages.
> Has anyone run into this? What might I be missing?
> thanks,
> matt
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