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Subject: Re: GCC2
From: Kevin_Hendricks (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 12:38:23 MST


>So before I had a go at building GCC ( 2.95.2 ) I had a look at the mailing
>lists and found that Dan Burcaw said that rpm's (of the experimental variety
>) were soon to be available. My question is, are those rpm's available? If
>so where are they? If not when might they become available?
>chris vale

There have been some patches made to fix an arg passing bug just recently. The
person who is actually making sure things work correctly for ppc under gcc is
Franz Sirl. Franz keeps up to date versions of the key tools in rpm and srpm

There is a just released gcc 2.95.2-1c rpm. Don't forget to get and install the
mated libstdc++ and cpp rpms. You will also need a later binutils rpm
(available in the same place). If you want to role your own check out the SRPMS
directory and have fun.


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