pci devices & raid questions

Subject: pci devices & raid questions
From: Ben Trumbull (trumbull@apple.com)
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 13:04:31 MST


I was wondering if anybody had any [better] luck or suggestions for
getting the following to pci cards to work with YD [in a 9500, fwiw]

Initio Miles2 Ultra2 SCSI adapater [wide, lvd]
Asante 10/100 ethernet NIC


Also, is there an up-to-date RAID faq or how-to somewhere ? If so,
cool. If not, how would I go about writing one ? It only takes
about 5 minutes with YD, but I spent a solid 2-3 days searching for
docs and was very disappointed. Most of the stuff is either (a) over
a year old or (b) completely glosses over the non-intuitive and dives
straight into the unnecessary or (c) both.

terminally curious,


Ben Trumbull
trumbull@apple.com WebObjects
(408) 974-5790 Enterprise Products

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