Re: Help with bootx please

Subject: Re: Help with bootx please
From: Getafix (
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 09:31:39 MST

Thanks for responding both Urs and Graham. I have another question
along with this one too.

I have a friend who compiled Kernel 2.2.12 and 2.2.13 on my box but
in turn they do not work. Are we missing something important or in
the compiling process.

We are wondering if it is us, the bootx, or other things. I will try
the idea about the video driver.


>>Box: B&W 350 G3
>>Problem: BootX 1.1.3, Kernel 2.2.12
>Well, when using the 2.2.12 kernel from the 'kernels' dir on the YDL
>FTP site, I get quite the same result: nothing happens after the
>message 'booting'. However, if my RAM serves me right, Dan Bucraw
>said on the mailing list, that this is an experimental kernel, so
>B&W support might just have dropped out...
>I use the 2.2.12 kernel which was announced on the list a while ago
>for including an ATI129 driver
>( That one works fine,
>execpt some minor quirks. Well I had to fiddle with the keymaps, but
>at least I know a bit more about .Xmodmap now...
>Hope the 2.1.13 kernel Dan wrote about comes out real soon...
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